Argentine eyes again on Lionel Messi

Iceland, who is considered to be the strongest contender of the title, was the first player to make a mark in the first match against Iceland by a 1-1 draw. This match was missed by Argentina’s star player Lionel Messi on penalties. As a result, his team had to satisfy itself with a draw

Argentina, who were forced to draw in their first match, would like to start a new start in the second match of the FIFA World Cup late in the night after a few hours from Croatia. Both teams will face face-to-face in Group II of the Nizhniy Novgorod Stadium in their second match. It will be played from 11:30 pm Indian time. In the 21st edition of the World Cup, Iceland, who is considered to be the strongest contender for the title, is making the debut in Iceland with a 1-1 draw. This match was missed by Argentina’s star player Lionel Messi on penalties. As a result, his team had to be content with the draw. Veerwar will once again look at one of the world’s biggest players. In this match Messi will forget the bitter memories of the last match. This is essential for Messi and Argentina. To go to the next round, there is a need to win in every match in this match.

Messi did not just lose the penalty in that match, but he failed to score on many occasions where he scored most goals. For Argentina’s victory, Messi must not repeat that performance. Apart from Messi, there will be Argentina’s victorious Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain and midfielder Angel D. Mariah. The weight of defense will be Javier Masharono. At the same time, if Croatia wins the match, then he will make his place in the next round. In the first match, he defeated Nigeria 2-0. Before this match though Croatia has suffered a major shock. His striker Nicola Colinic has been suspended by the Croatia Federation as he had refused to qualify as a replacement player on the field in the previous match.

To the extent of the team, Luka Modric will be on Ivan Reykjavik. Win can win this match in the next round and the draw can keep him in the race. The team that is in front of Croatia can put the match on its own from anywhere, and the lineup that he has has included world football legends. Croatia will have to pay attention to both their attack line and defense, but they will have to stay in the more cautious defense because the Messi blinks the target. The two teams are as follows:

Croatia: Goalkeeper: Denizel Subascic, Lowro-Colinic and Dominique Livakovic, Defender: Vedran Kalurka, Domagos Vida, Ivan Streinik, Dejan Lovren, Sime Vasaljko, Josip Pavaric, Tin Zedwaze, Duje Saleta Car, Midfielder: Luca Modric, Matteo Kovachik, Ivan Reykjavik , Milan Badlodge, Maserlo Brasovic and Philip Bradyk, Forward: Mario Manjukic, Ivan Pericic, Nicola Colinic, Andrzej Karamrick , Marco Pija and Ente Rebecc

Argentina: Goalkeepers: Wilfredo Caballero, Franco Armani, Nahuel Guzman defender: Gabriel Masadoray, Xavier Mascherano, Nicolas Otamendi, Federico Fazio, Marcos Roso, NicholasTaliafiko, Christian Anseldie, Marcos Akuna, Midfielder: Lucas Bigela, Eduarde Salvieo, Ever Banage, Angel De Maria, Angelo Perez, Giovanni Lou Salso, Maximiliano Meja, Forward: Lionel Messi, Sergi Micro Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Debala.

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