MC Mary Com created history, world champion for the sixth time

Supermom MC Mary Com created history by putting title titles at the World Championship on Saturday. In the final fight of the 48kg category in Delhi’s KD Jadhav Hall, he defeated Hannah Okota of Ukraine 5-0 (30-27, 29-28, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27) and recorded the women for the sixth time Got the distinction of winning the World Cup title. My com got emotional after this victory While waving the tricolor, his eyes started tearing.

The emotional Mary said, “I thank all my fans for this victory, who came to support me here. I am thankful to all of you. This is a great moment for me. ‘This is the second chance when he was in front of the domestic fans for title fight. Before that 2006 the domestic audience had rushed in front of the ring.

Fight’s adventure …

First round

In the first round, both players were carefully examining a second game and therefore were not aggressively attacking. Both of them made good use of their right punch. Mary killed a few punches, some of which were good targets. In the meantime, though, Hannah also made good use of her right jab, but my comet succeeded in foiling most of the umpires with her agility.

Second round

In the second round, both showed aggression and tried to dominate the combination of fists with right jab. The strategy was similar to both players. In the beginning, Hannah killed a good punch, which was accurate. However, at the end of the second round, my com made the distance while making the distance and then punching points at the time.

Third round

In the first minute of the third round, Mary impressed the judges in the three-four good punch scoring areas, with the combination of right and left jab, but from here, Hannah became very aggressive and Mary became a bit difficult to handle them. Experienced Mary maintained patience and when Hannah looked careless, then punch hit the marks. After this round I was feeling happy, as if he had believed in his victory.

The first woman boxer to win 6 titles

With this victory, the 35-year-old star Indian boxer became the first woman boxer to win the most 6 World Championships by overtaking Katy Taylor of Ireland. Earlier, Mary and Taylor were equal to winning 5-5 times World Championship title.

Men’s Boxer’s World Records Equals

Not only that, he also got the world record of winning 6 titles in the history of world championships (women and men). The pride of becoming the world champion 6 times was the name of Felix Sevon of Cuba in the first men’s boxing. Savon won this record in 1997 by winning gold in the championship held in Budapest.

13 years gap in age

Talk about two boxers in the final fight played today, then the age difference between the two is 13 years. Boxer Hannah of Ukraine is 22 years old now, but due to his excellent sports, he has made his identity known as ‘Hunter’. He has named Bronze Medal in the European Youth Championships.

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