My com is still ideal for me, amazed by his statement: Nikhat Zarine

22-year-old talented woman boxer Nikhat Zarine has expressed surprise over the statement of senior and 6-time world champion MC Mary Com, in which she had said that the ego has arrived in the young boxer.

He said in the conversation that I do not know why he said this? Or did they feel bad about me? I respect him as a senior and I will continue to do so.

Nikhat, who won the title of Best Boxer in All India Inter-University Boxing in 2015, won bronze medal in India Open. Talking about his performance, he said that ‘India Open’ was very good for me. I performed according to my expectations. I knew that my com is a big fighter. Winning from them was not easy, but I gave my cent percent. He won the gold medal. I congratulated them too. Let me tell you that MC Mary Kom, 36, won the Gold Medal of the 51 kg weight category at the tournament.

Merry com had accused of being arrogant

During this campaign, Mary Kom was confronted in the semi-finals with Zarine. Young sensation Nikhat suffered a defeat in the semifinal match. On the other hand, after winning, experienced boxer Marie Com surprised everybody and accused him of having an abdomen. He said in a raging accent, “The boxer should first get something then he should make a statement about me. Each match is a new experience for me. I do not know who this girl is. I have been challenging for so many years. The newspapers came in that he was challenging me.

They said, ‘Prove yourself within the first ring and then say something (against me). He has won only one medal internationally and is looking forward to his ego. She is feeling proud and satisfied. This is bad habit. ‘

Which statement of the flame was fluttering on my

Right before the fight, Nikhat had described my com to be his ideal. He also said that he is thrilled to confront his ‘Adarsh’ and will try hard to use his mind in the 51-kg semi-final of India Open. This statement of Nikhat passed over to my com. On the other hand, the statements still remain firm on their statements. He once again described my com to be his ideal.

Preparing for the Olympics


This boxer living in Telangana also talked about his Olympic campaign. He said that the Olympics are important to me. I will learn from my mistakes and improve it.

Indian legend MC Mary Kom wins the World Women’s Boxing Championship in the final of the 48 kg weight category. Greater boxer won the Women’s World Cup title for the sixth time in the World Record by defeating Ukraine’s Hannah Okota. Com defeated Hana Okhota of Ukraine 5-0 in the final and won the gold medal in the final. This is the sixth world championship title of Mary Com, while her overall eighth medal in the world championship is named.

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