So, during the training session, Indian cricketer plays soccer

In the minds of Indian cricket fans, there is often a question that after the training session, why do the cricketers play soccer on most occasions? The answer is that when playing football, the player has to run on the field mostly, so he feels fit when he comes down to play cricket. It will only make players’ fitness good. Also, good friendship also increases among the players. But in the meantime, it is also important to know about the views of the cricketers themselves about playing football. So let’s know.

Looking at the football love of Indian players, Shane Watson, who plays now on the side of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team in IPL, had said, “The players of the team before the preoccupation session play fiercely. Virat is Ronaldo of our team. K. L. Rahul is very serious about this sport and he is also good in this game. “Virat likes soccer so much that when he goes on the field for a prakashish, he will definitely take the shoes of football.

Whenever the team is frustrated and has come after a tougher journey or is not feeling energized to normalize up, then the cricketer plays football. He believes that he gets energy from playing football. Many cricketers believe that football gives them extra motivation to run behind the ball and show their skills. Basically, it brings out the competitive nature from within them.

Virat Kohli had told in an interview, “When we play for a long time, we can play 40 to 45 minutes to be completely tired and crushed. I am a person who can handle me and run ahead of me. If you do not like to rotate around the ground then play football for 40 minutes.

Indian team’s Ravindra Jadeja is also very fond of football games. Recently, a football match was played between Bollywood stars and cricketers who were left to equalize 2-2. Both the captains of the Indian cricket team, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli are not only playing football in the field, but both of them have also bought one team in the Indian Super League.

The secret behind Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s fitness

The Indian cricket team left for England on Tuesday night for the World Cup. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the oldest player in this team, but Dhoni Binni is also the most fitted player of any doubt team. In 2017, Dhoni defeated Hearty Pandya in a 100-meter race and its YouTube video is still seen quite a lot.

Dhoni is 37 but is completely fit.

The team, captained by Virat Kohli, has paid a lot of attention to the fitness. Kohli himself is also known for his fitness at the international level. Apart from them, the rest of the players have also preferred fitness. A new scale of selection has been made in the Yo-Yo Test team.

Two people have a handy hand behind Dhoni’s fitness. These two people include the names of former Indian trainer Ramji Srinivasan and Gregory Allen King. A source familiar with this connection told IANS that Dhoni is physically beaten but when he comes to the fitness chart and the circus routine, he seeks advice from both of them.

He said, “Dhoni is naturally fit. The energy he has seen in the past years and the fitness level he has had also, when the rest of the Indian team did not pay much attention to this, it tells how much his knowledge is about staying fit and professional player’s needs. ”

She likes to keep things simple. Like the rest of the Indian players, they do not do clean and jerk, powerlifting. They exercise hardening and even do boxing skeals. They usually do the kind of work that will give them work in the match. “

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