The comeback of Tiger Woods after a prolonged phase in golf’s

As far as the game is upset, Tiger Woods’ victory is not the biggest in the US Masters Golf Tournament. The success of 2015-16 in Leicester City in the Premier League football in the UK, defying the difference between 5,000 to 1, and even in India’s 1983 World Cup cricket victory at Lords is like the real stunner. For personal games, fairy tales have been created with results that were defeated by the 1978 heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali’s 24-year-old Leon Spinks, who till then had only seven professional fights for his credit.

On the contrary, Tiger Woods, who ran Augusta Golf Course, looked like dated television footage. After all, he won the title four times between 1997 and 2005. Of course, the last 14 years of them were before, but in the last year or more, they threatened to come back as a peak. Indeed, in the last September, in Atlanta, their 80th PGA Tour was showing parts of this victory. And, in many ways, Tiger Woods’s victory affects the fate of another fallen star, Goran Evansweich, who won the Wimbledon title in 2001 after losing three finalists earlier; The 125-ranked Croatian, who struggled with shoulder injury, needed wild card entry in the competition.

Nevertheless, golf is something unique in the return of legend by legend.

In the real drama titled Tiger Woods’s title drama, there is a significant recovery in the last two years by rising from the depth of disappointment to revive his career and prestige. Many of his earlier problems, especially in his marital life, were self-inflicted.

His father’s death in 2006 has had a profound effect on his life; Many fans believe that it pushed them like careless behavior, causing them to collapse.

But in addition to emotional trauma, they also faced physical disadvantage, which no one could find for hanging their clubs. His body was nearly ruined, only in April 2017, a last-ditch spinal fusion surgery allowed him to achieve fitness. Not everyone thought that he could do this. Most games are disabled, this way. They reduce heroes to zero in a moment, even if they are ready to fail the procedure evenly.

Greatness, however, is greatness. The world’s most successful batsman, Don Bradman, needed only four runs to end his career with a magical average of 100 runs, he bowled at the Eval for Duck by Eric Holly of England. Bradman ended up with an average of 99.96.

The victory of Tiger Woods reminds us of human fraud that is involved in achievement. Diego Maradona has blamed his superb and long career for terrible behavior, including drug intake and drinking alcohol. Nevertheless, the man El Pibe de Oro (The Golden Boy) will always be considered one of the greatest footballers ever.

Tiger Woods will also go down in history as a genius genius, a person who has everything for him, but still to shine in the form of a star, he should allow his indecision at one time. But his glory lies in showing that he can rise from that fall and show his way to millions of fans that redemption is possible, provided you have the will.

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