The moment about Rashid Khan’s World Cup

Afghanistan on Tuesday to do the right thing for them, two of the three things: England batted first and the sun was shining. This was the third element that exposed their plans, hopes and beliefs. And England did not do so in the World Cup despite four losses. Afghanistan needed to dominate its spinners, which was led by the person who has been their talisman and their totem in the best story of world cricket in decades. But not only did England demolish Afghanistan’s bowling, they hit the hardest, where it would do the most damage to them; By ruthlessly attacking those who represent their cricket, and they are standing in the world game.

Rashid Khan came in this World Cup which has been the second highest wicket-taker in the world in the last four years. Misleadingly everyone knew that they were numbers (majority against Zimbabwe and Ireland), the legendary Rashid of Fine Arts of leg spin and the disguised misleading googly, was always the flag-bearer of Afghanistan in this World Cup. England and Old Trafford threw that assumption into the air.

At the end of the 35th over, England were 2 for 199 and Eoin Morgan (26 runs on 24) made their intentions clear. After finishing for the third time (4-0-29-0), Rashid was trying to settle down. Like his team, Rashid did not have the best of the World Cup: before Old Trafford, he had thrown 22.5 over three games (his team had bowled in four, but he was bowling against New Zealand after competing with a shock Did helmets from helmie Ferguson) and took 3 for 114. It was time to step for Rashid, sanction in the radar and seal his presence on the game.

Instead, it was to be the place where Rashid was given school education by England and his captain. Rashid’s all bowling horror, (his worst figures, the most expensive figures by a bowler in the World Cup, most sixes by a bowler in ODIs) were introduced for his team – 198 in the last 15 overs; In which 74 runs Rashid came in hand. Instead of a man and his sorrows, Spotlight can be turned on for an event of the day, which marked both the struggle in Afghanistan’s World Cup as well as the adjacent doom of Rashid.

On the second ball of his sixth over, Rashid sent a looping to Morgan (28), who was doing well on him, hit a slog sweep wrongly, who goes into deep midwicket pocket. Except Delat Zadran, it is very far in the border line, must be backpack and floats helplessly on the ball. It slaps his fingers, leaps on his head and bounces on the rope. Morgan wrapped Rashid on the next ball, Rashid and Rashid split the opponent with their seven sixes. If the catch was taken – and it was a regulation midwicket skier – who knows what would have been transpaired; But this can not be denied that it is a very under-world cup for Rashid. He is not close to the bowler who has toured the world through T20 cricket, nor is the bowler who has been successful against the far-reaching opposition and has consistently maintained quality performance against the highly ranked nations.

Mohammed Nabi is one of the Afghan spinners in this World Cup, who have beaten Sri Lanka in the middle order and Mujib ur Rehman, who scored 44 runs in his 10 overs in this bound-overs of Manchester. Not Rashid For a bowler who is known for his crampedness, frightening pace and deceptive angles, Rashid was not allowed to compromise by Johnny Bairstow and Joe Root who overstepped the strike. After being dropped by Morgan, against the left hand batsmen, Rashid bowled on both sides of the wicket, which was unable to hit the full length and was waiting between very little or too much.

At one point, it was out of the field just like Rashid Khan’s presence; He is not a big man, in any case, he took a little time to sing out on the boundary line or even found him among his teammates as senior players – Gulbaddin Nb, Asghar Afghans and Nabi – To try and persecute with each other and persecute. There are several reasons to accept Rashid’s World Cup as zero. Unlike small-level countries, playing with high level opposition can be one of the smaller British bases.

Yet, Rashid’s ODI statistics show the economy rate of 13.79 and 3.51 against the country playing other nine World Cups in this tournament. Prior to this tournament, Rashid had only four sixes in 683 balls in those ODIs.

If Afghanistan’s fourth spinner, Rahmat Shah, would go for these figures, it would be more understandable. He quickly escapes from the attack; But Afghanistan can not possibly demonstrate the lack of trust towards its highest achievement. As much as Rasheed has been studied and disbanded by the opposition, the more he has gone in many T20 leagues in the world, many of these players have gone. On Tuesday, only questions were asked by Rashid, which he could answer: Is he suffering from the hips, which the World Cup has landed in his lap, one defeat after another, against the opponents and against the defeat Throw more rounds? Or is the conclusion more impact than we had been led to believe in?

What has not changed is how his team looks at him: After the England innings is over, the Afghan players will be near each other near the crease, clapping, clapping hands, and each other on the shoulder Paws The person staying away from him took the longest time from the long broad range where he was. When he got closest, then Rashid Khan’s team surrounded him, arms around his shoulders, and even threw away his heart beat. The Afghan champion was hurt and beaten, but they were ready to fight him another day. Because they are her and that’s her. One for everyone and one for all.

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